“Caitlyn is my go-to yoga instructor whenever I am planning a retreat. She is not only kind and compassionate to all students, she is very attentive to our goals at the retreat and takes the time to incorporate our intentions into her class. Starting the day with her morning class ensures that my participants are going to be supported in their creative journey from the start. I will have her back every time!” -TMI retreat Executive Director Eva Tenuto

She brought me lunch and dinner 5 days a week. We also made shopping trips together so I knew what to eat for breakfast and snacks. She also suggested to keep a food diary and really think more about my food choices and how they made me feel. The food was to my surprise absolutely delicious. I couldn’t believe healthy food could taste so great. After the first week i was hooked!!  So much variety, I never got bored, and simple recipes so they were easy for me to make. She also gave me any recipe I ever would ask for. I have never felt better in my whole life!! More energy, no stomach issues, clearer skin, and losing weight.” –Former client, Betsy Westhoven